• modern designs, cool stuff, beautiful items and handy gadgets for babies and young kids by a Dutch mom who was living in Toronto, Canada and is now living in Germany.

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t often happens that as our families are large. Staff does not have much patience. Primarily with children:)


We just phoned the hotel, and will probably spend next week there (they seem super nice). Couldn't find a place in Paris that we liked (because of rugby), and so would like to spend time in Holland. Thanks for the tip!

Now, do you have any more tips for us? And must-visits in Holland? (Kidsfactory was already on my list; do they have a main store?). And we must visit a Mim-Pi store (thanks to you, we are in the process of accumulating her clothes for our daughter).

Thanks for all of your posts -- see, I *do* use them!
(mmm, I am thinking of all the lovely pannekoeks that await us in Holland...)

papa en mama

Je blog wordt steeds leuker. Ik kijk met veel plezier, zeker als mijn kleinzoon er op staat.



oh wow! What a fabulous trip! it is my dream to vacation there! I also love the coo coo clocks! I love that they are modern yet a very traditional symbol. great find!

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