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We have had some success with a few wooden toys.

My son (almost two) really likes Brio Style trains. And these two items from Vilac (I can't link you directly to item but here are the ref #'s):

Yabon à pousser A wooden toy frog you can push. He started loving this a few months ago and it is still a hit around the house.

cascade de voiture Not exactly this but something really similar.

These can be found on the vilac site!

Wooden blocks are very popular with Felix too!


Thought I'd add, but not sure you get comments from older posts? I've noticed the same thing about wooden toys, except: My 4 kids have loved a huge set of unit blocks from Community Playthings. By far the best toy investment we've made as blocks lend themselves to so much creative play... alone or in conjunction with other toys.


I just wrote a blog about the Plan Wooden Building Blocks because i finally found a "toy" that all 3 of my children wanted to play with. Some of the really gorgeous toys i have bought usually end up on a shelf or hiden at the bottom of the toy box. Not these. The blocks sit in a nice little box on our livingroom floor and each morning my 2 year screams at me to make a castle. What he loves most is to hear the roar of the blocks as he knocks them down.

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