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To address your remark about the bikes not being used for very long.. let me clarify that the bikes are for FUN FIRST, and a training tool 2nd. My son is going to be 5 in August, and has been zipping around on his LikeaBike since December 2006. Never tires of it.
Additionally, if you check Ebay you will find that NO ONE resells used LikeaBikes! Supply of used LikeaBikes is nil.. there's a huge untapped market with zero supply and very high demand by people who can't afford to buy them new. I guarantee that a $250 LikeaBike will re-sell after 2 years of use for at least $100, probably more like $150 if it's free of major defects. The Jumper model is indestructible. It can be handed down from sibling to sibling for ages without any problems. Meanwhile, your typical WalMart 50 dollar/50 pound toddler bike with training wheels will end up on your curb after one summer's use.

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this is a very cool bike....too bad my kids are grown now...:(

Amerikan Turk

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We bought one for our daughter's second birthday, and it is the BEST toy we ever bought her! Can't say enough great things about it; she can balance well, go fast, we can go on long walks with her (we tire before she does), and most of all, it is FUN!!

Wish I could attach a video cliop of her on it...


We are talking about the same thing at our house. The big debate is the "no pedal" thing. I think establishing balance is important first but my husband doesn't want to spend the money on a bike that won't be used for very long. He keeps asking why they don't sell a bike that we can just take the pedals off of and then add them back on later? Also he is pushing for a scooter. Keep us posted on what you decide. Also, check out youtube videos of kids on balance bikes. They are pretty impressive!

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